To Our Family and Friends

This letter is not about church doctrine or policy or history. We have a message from our hearts that we would like to share.

We know that many of you might be confused about our choice to leave the church.

We don’t blame you if feel this way. There was a time when we didn’t understand why anyone would step away from the church. Before 2016, we couldn’t imagine being in the place we are now.

Here’s what we would like you to know:

  • No one offended us. We love you every bit as much as we always have!
  • We no longer believe in the truth claims of the church and we no longer trust the church as an institution; however, we still see much good within Mormonism.
  • If you love the church and you feel it helps you to be a better person, we respect your choice to stay fully active. It is not our intent to get you to change your mind.
  • We don’t need to be rescued. There were aspects of our faith transition that were extremely painful, but we have worked through them. We have peace.
  • If you have questions for us, we are completely open to talking about anything. If you know someone who has left the church and you want to know how you might approach them, we may be a good resource for you.

We hope that you might find a way to understand that the church may not be a safe place for everyone and that some people leave the church because they are following their conscience.

We know we have made the choice that is right for us and in the best interest of our mental health.

We created this website because we understand the challenges the post-Mormon community faces.

We hope to help those transitioning out of the church to become the best new version of themselves and maintain healthy relationships with those still active at church.

We will forever be grateful for our journey through Mormonism and for all the good things we learned as active members. In the place we are now, we believe in the power of love more than ever before.