While you’re going through the pain of a faith transition, your spouse may not be having the same experience. Difficult conversations take place when what feels sacred to your spouse feels painful for you. If you’re in a mixed-faith marriage (that didn’t start out as mixed-faith) you may need some help figuring out how to stay connected to your spouse.

Here’s a big list of resources that might be useful for those of you trying to strengthen your marriage without relying on shared faith:


Mormon Stories #143-146 Raising Children in a Non-Traditional LDS Home

Mormon Stories #525 Dan Wotherspoon on Speaking with Loved Ones about Faith Differences

Mormon Stories #688 How to Communicate with Orthodox/Believing Mormons

Mormon Stories #908-910 Andrew and Allison Jolley- Healing Your Marriage After a Faith Crisis

Mormon Stories #955-958 Emily and Kyle Harris’ 14-year Mixed-Faith Journey

[You’ll find even more Mormon Stories episodes here.]

Marriage on a Tightrope  A podcast about navigating a mixed-faith marriage created by two amazing people who are willing to share their journey while they’re figuring it out.

[To contact Allan or Kattie, send email to Marriageonatightrope@gmail.com]

Better than Happy #173 A Thriving Mixed-Faith Marriage with Matt and Linsay Kjar

Mormon Matters #007 Vulnerability in Mixed-Faith Marriage

Ask an Ex-Mormon Therapist 3 Secrets to Having Happy, Healthy Relationships…Even When Beliefs are Different

The Liturgists #5 Spiral Dynamics

The Liturgists #6 Lost and Found (Part 1)

The Liturgists #7 Lost and Found (Part 2)

The Liturgists #11 The Other Side of the Mattress

Short videos

Margi Dehlin – Do’s and Don’ts of “Coming Out” as a non-believing Mormon

Letter to a Christian Spouse


How love and faith can grow, even when one spouse stops believing by Peggy Fletcher Stack

When your spouse loses — or finds — faith by Robert Kirby

How Secular Family Values Stand Up by Phil Zuckerman

Navigating and Strengthening a Mixed Faith Marriage from Sunstone Symposium 2018

Who Do I Choose? God Or My Husband? By Chelsea Homer

Do’s and Don’ts When Coming Out to Your Spouse as an Unorthodox or Non-Believer compiled by John Dehlin

100 phrases to say and to NOT say to your loved ones who think/believe differently from you by Dr. Julie de Azevedo Hanks


When Mormons Doubt: A Way to Save Relationships and Seek a Quality Life by Jon Ogden

One Family, Two Views: How to Fortify Your Mixed-Faith Mormon Marriage by Natasha Helfer Parker

Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind by Margaret Placentra Johnston

In Faith and In Doubt: How Religious Believers and Nonbelievers Can Create Strong Marriages and Loving Families  by Dale McGowan

Navigating a Mormon Faith Crisis: A Simple Developmental Map by Thomas McConkie


Mixed Faith Marriage Workbook by Dr. Kristy Money

Couples Coaching

Mixed-Faith Marriage Coaching

Facebook Groups

Former Mormons with Believing Spouses

Mormon Mixed-Faith Marriages

From Sunstone Symposium

Navigating and Strengthening a Mixed-Faith Marriage (#376)

From Post-Mormon Mental Health

10 Tips for Building a Stable Mixed-Faith Marriage

10 Things Mormons and Ex-Mormons Should and Shouldn’t Do

3 Simple Steps to Mastering Healthy Boundaries

What Does a Mormon Faith Crisis Feel Like?